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The Modern Switch was born from a deep desire to share the collective wisdom that has come into my life since becoming a parent.  I learnt through the guidance of others, how many choices I was handing over to the smarts of marketing campaigns, social influencers, habits, and community norms.  Too many times I heard myself saying "why didn't I know this"; "why isn't this public knowledge".    This ever-morphing journey has opened up so many enquiries into what "connected wellness" means to me, and something I believe everyone should have the right to know. 


My definition of 'connected wellness' is that as a society we can make more considered choices every day based on transparent and evidence-based information that has the intention to benefit our health and that of our planet's.  This process of habit changing holds no judgement, but rather thrives from a desire to know more and share those insights!

My journey has just began and I am thrilled to connect and learn from everyone along a similar process.

This modern life will never be perfect but ever evolving as we endeavour to shape old habits and perspectives to the importance of how the little things really do matter. 

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