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How it works

An initial telephone conversation to talk over your switching needs.

The Modern Switch will then revert with recommendations based on tried, tested and community-endorsed products, and suppliers.  A reference guide to ingredients, product use, and how to safely discard packaging will be included where applicable.
If I don't have a product to recommend, I will source one in your country for you to trial. 

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Topics we cover


  • Men, Women, Babies, Children, Teens, Grandparents


  • Cooking ware and products 

  • Water ware

  • Cleaning products



  • Personal Care products

  • Feminine hygiene

Your feedback will be immensely helpful in growing a trusted list of products and brands. 

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Quick chat:

  • click "Make a Booking" tab or

  • "Let's Chat" button

  • Initial tele-consult is free

Personalised Switch List

  • Once-off SG$50 to curate a personalised shopping switch list in your country.

Consultation Hours:

  • Monday - Friday

  • 9am - 5pm (Singapore time)